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 Creating memorable experiences for couples, groups, and organizations through

detailed planning and design to tell your story or make a new one!

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Who is DChristine Events?

Hi, my name is DeAna Turchiano and I am the Owner, Lead Planner and main point of contact.  Christine is my middle name which is why I used it in the name of my business.  Because I believe every event is uniquely branded by its design, I felt my business should be uniquely branded by my name. (And nobody ever says my first name correctly anyhow!)

I started DChristine Events because I truly enjoy helping people celebrate special occasions and want to make them memorable and unique experiences.  Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, or even a company planning a special event for their clients or employees, I want to make it fun for the guests as well as the host.  Spending 25+ years in the corporate world, I had the experience of planning many events which helped me discover my real passion.  Providing a fun experience for company employees and event guests was always rewarding. Working for high level business executives, the objective was always just "get it done" and "make it happen" because they didn't have time to worry about the small details.

And that is the objective of my business ~ to make memories happen while making it easy on you so you are able to RELAX, CELEBRATE & ENJOY!


Working With Us

You will have direct communication with DeAna, the lead planner, throughout your event planning process from the introductory call to the event plan discussion.  On the day of your event, you may have additional assistance from one or more of our team members to handle various parts of the event (depending on the event needs) to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Here is a guide to our process:

  • Introductory call will be scheduled upon submitting a contact form
  • Complete a brief questionnaire prior to our call
  • An event proposal with pricing is provided after the initial call
  • Accept the proposal by signing our contract and paying a 50% deposit to book and secure your event date
  • A "Welcome Packet" is provided to you with additional information about the planning process
  • Schedule your consultation to discuss details and begin the planning process
  • An event design concept is provided to you once we have collected the primary information and details
  • A full styled event plan is provided after the review and approval of the design concept and then vendor selections are made
  • Your day of event timeline will be created and reviewed as the final step which is then shared with all vendors and appropriate individuals